Nowadays more and more commercial organizations use a lie detector testing for the convenience of business.


We provide testing of an employee during hiring, periodic and selective inspections, and for internal company’s investigations.

The examination procedure consist of three steps:

The introductory talk, pre-testing talk and finally testing.

Under any circumstances, before the main procedure the polygraph examiner carefully analyzes and inspect all materials and information about an emergency incident or the controlling reason available to him/her at the moment.


Test results

Test results provide an extensiveanalysis of all activities of the current or potential employee:

  Possible criminal records;

  Employee’s reliability;

  Stealing and implementation of crimes;

  Any addiction;

  Cooperation with criminal people;

  Mental diseases or abnormalities;

  False biographical information;

  Other interesting for an employer information;


Prevention of risks

Confidence in employees and their reliability gives us a feeling of complete safety. Nevertheless, the risk of the possibility to have an impostor at work is quite high too.


  True conflict situations sources;

  Possible stealing;

  Confidential information leak;

  Disclosure of trade secrets;

  Illegal use of company resources;

  Other interesting for an employer information;


Our guarantees:

  The order execution time is three days from the beginning of testing to the moment of receiving the full report (per one examined).

  Duration of testing: from 2 to 3 hours.

  The information on testing and its results is strictly confidential and forbidden to be published within the contract with the client.


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