The centralized monitoring console (CMC) of Sanctum provides 24-hour monitoring of all protected objects. The console is integrated with various kinds of security systems, from ACS (access control) to fire protection. It combines a high-quality functionality and advanced technical equipment. When these items synchronize with a rapid response team, our console complex correctly determines different types of threats from intruders and spies.


Fire alarm system

The fire safety system is a complex concept. It unites a set of rules, means, methods, actions that ensure fire safety and timely determination of fire risk. We provide:

Our specialists analyze, install and guarantee further maintenance of the fire safety system or its segments. The advanced technical arsenal consists only of high-tech devices that detect and eliminate possible fire sources: manual, smoke, flame and heat detectors.

The entire system is directly connected to the central 24-hour monitoring console, which automatically responds to the emerged cases. It is responsible for calling to emergency services, alerting employees, and further managing the situation.


Video monitoring system

CCTV systems are characterized by three items: the quality of a record, the speed of information transfer and its security. Our video cameras are considered to be the standard of the high-quality record, and the dynamics of its configuration can be adjusted to the needs of the protected object.

Our specialists adjust the transfer of a record and fix the maximum possible data transfer rate. The server of processing and storing records is reliably protected. It consists of multiple levels of access and encryption of information. All information is confidential.

Our specialists are always ready to select for you the most advantageous version of the complex video monitoring, appropriate for the protected object.


Остальные услуги

Economic security

Ensuring of high and sustainable economic growth

Physical security of objects

Services on maintenance of the order and safety of material assets of various objects

Personal protection of natural persons

Guaranteeing the personal protection of VIPs

Lie detector

Testing using a polygraph

Projection and installation

Development and installation of security systems

Providing quality security services for more than 10 years


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