Sanctum provides innovative methods of projection and installing the following systems:

Video monitoring system

A wide assortment of video systems allows you to choose the most optimal variant for the best achievement of your goal. We offer you video monitoring systems of the various format: from simple analog solutions to intelligent systems that can distinguish a dangerous person from the background.
Modern technology has the function of transferring video to any portable device. For this, you have to download a certain application. We guarantee safety and confidentiality of data. In addition, our company provides service maintenance of the protected objects.


Firefighting and fire alarm systems

In our time, such systems are necessary not only on the side of legislation. It is essential for our security, the protection of employees and their property. Only the quality system can avoid and prevent the emergence of dangerous situations. The responsiveness of the sensors, the accuracy, and speed of the monitoring system, as well as the complete modernity of all equipment make our service maximally efficient and resultative. Our specialists provide dynamic integration of all hardware and its configuration under the target object. Besides, their work includes a comprehensive analysis and consultation of any questions about the installed device.


Perimeter security system and burglar alarm

Nowadays criminal actions ruin the peaceful rhythm of life, bringing chaos into any business. The private people’s life is also under the threat. In case of using obsolete security technologies, your protection risks to fail in the emergency situation. Therefore, you can lose everything. Due to the advanced security systems, we guarantee the protection of your property from any criminal actions. Current installation and flexible integration allow you to protect any object, regardless of its architecture or landscape features.


Access Control System

ACS is developed for universal protection of access to a secured object and movement within it. Multilevel programming helps to differentiate levels of access by positions and employees personalities. The whole system works together with all security complexes of the object, creating a cohesive interaction ecosystem. The assortment of identifiers on the Sanctum’s base will help you to choose the perfect variant for your needs.


Остальные услуги

Technical protection

Console monitoring, fire alarm and video monitoring systems

Physical security of objects

Services on maintenance of the order and safety of material assets of various objects

Personal protection of natural persons

Guaranteeing the personal protection of VIPs

Lie detector

Testing using a polygraph

Economic security

Ensuring of high and sustainable economic growth

Providing quality security services for more than 10 years


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