Overview of our work

We offer a set of professional measures for the protection of stationary facilities, fixed by constant training and modern technical equipment. Our specialists will take into account all your desires and instructions to select the appropriate safety regime, the type of protection and the additional technical arsenal. Sanctum’s services have proved itself as a perfect method to struggle with the attacks of different spiteful people and to maintain order on the protected object. We have a great experience from the protection of large factories to ordinary events, and all our clients are completely satisfied with the services provided.


Possible variants

Our company has a wide range of services, and you can decide which option would be the best for you. There are three types of construction of security measures:

Unarmed security is considered to be the standard variant for deploying of a safety complex. The arsenal includes the following items: pneumatic weapon, electric shock, telescopic baton, etc.

Armed security guarantees a profound approach to responding to any threat to your business. Professionals are trained in the martial art of shooting and hand-to-hand combat to ensure the safety of your enterprise.
Complex safety includes all types of protection, as well as a technical complex of security measures: fire and burglar alarm systems, access and fire extinguishing systems, video monitoring and object’s protection.

Flexible setup

In order to correctly integrate the security complex, we will select for you the perfect options that fit the image and the overall concept of your enterprise. Contact us, and you will get a professional protection and a guaranteed safety of your business.


Our services

Technical protection

Console monitoring, fire alarm and video monitoring systems

Economic security

Ensuring of high and sustainable economic growth

Personal protection of natural persons

Guaranteeing the personal protection of VIPs

Lie detector

Testing using a polygraph

Projection and installation

Development and installation of security systems

Providing quality security services for more than 10 years


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