Our Clients

Our clients are always grateful for the services provided and successful fulfillment of their tasks. Due to professionalism and complex training of our bodyguards, each customer (whether it’s a businessman, politician or a media celebrity) gets confidence in his/her safety and always feels protected. Being in charge of your safety, we guarantee 100% fulfillment of all agreed goals and requirements.


Security localization:

The constant dynamics and movement of our clients’ lives require operative and liable change of security localization between different places, cities or even contingents all over the world. Due to professional coordination of all actions of the Sanctum operational center, our security services are not fixed to specific locations. Our additional option “One + World” provides developing a strategy which allows travelling around the planet under the profound protection of our guards.


Who is the real bodyguard?

A bodyguard, who stands on the protection of a VIP person, always has to be highly organized and responsible in his actions in different emergency situations. He can identify and prevent a threat before the moment of the main attack from a criminal. The bodyguard skills include all the necessary basic principles of combat, discipline and developed possibility to think fast. Usually, the last factor plays a crucial role in protecting the VIP person. Professional training of bodyguards develops strategic flexibility that allows planning actions right on the spot according to the situation, avoiding any problems and unpleasant conflicts.


Sanctum bodyguards

Sanctum takes an active part in bodyguard competitions. Our specialists were invited to work at organizing committees of the leading refereeing board of the championship of Ukraine, world, and international tournaments.

Therefore, we offer highly qualified professional bodyguard services to ensure the safety of VIP persons, family members, as well as physical (technical) protection in places of permanent residence, as well as in a temporary place of residence (business trips, vacations, etc.) Moreover, Sanctum provides services of all car classes drivers.


Bodyguard & Personal Driver

Personal driver service is the highest privilege. This person knows all the nuances of comfortable driving of the premium-segment cars. His responsibilities include schedule planning, extreme driving skills, knowledge of a territory and the experience of combat training. The driver is one of the key figures of the target security service because it is the one who can take the VIP person out of a dangerous place. Also, we offer vehicle support services and large fleet of armored cars.


Our services

Technical protection

Console monitoring, fire alarm and video monitoring systems

Physical security of objects

Services on maintenance of the order and safety of material assets of various objects

Economic security

Ensuring of high and sustainable economic growth

Lie detector

Testing using a polygraph

Projection and installation

Development and installation of security systems

Providing quality security services for more than 10 years


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