What treats to a company’s economic safety?

Unfair competition, severance of business relations or breakdown of negotiations, theft, fraudulence, rascality of competing organizations.

Pressure from law enforcement agencies, fiscal bodies, threats, intimidation, etc.

Unauthorized access or restriction of access to information, deliberate damage and destruction of the organization’s material base.

Only 20% of all situations include external attempts of hacking the website to access the information hidden on the computer. 80% of all cases are provoked by actions of the organization’s staff.


Improving economic security

Executives and employees form the company’s economic security due to unique and multi-faceted activities. The character of the measures mentioned above is legal, financial, organizational, technical, social and informational. If you want to increase the economic security of the company, the main functional components have to be maximally protected.


Principles of the economic security

Follow the fundamental principles to guarantee the economic security of a trading enterprise and service sector:

Act following the law.
Be acknowledged about the professional nuances.
Properly use forces and means.
Follow the corporate ethics.
Solve challenging problems with the help of government authorities.
Interacting with them is necessary.

Do not disclose corporate information.
Be responsible.


Measures to provide the economic security of a business

1. Business intelligence. Possible or current business partner is thoroughly analyzed and controlled. Providing of a report and recommendations about work with a counterpart.

2. Legal support, including the formation of a legal and regulatory framework for your business.

3. Professional analysis of personnel including new workers and those who have been already working in the organization.

4. Elimination of fraudulent activities of the firm.

5. Protection of the company’s secret information data and protection of intellectual property.

6. Gathering, processing, and analysis of information on possible threats to the organization functioning. Developing solutions and suggestions to get rid of the identified threats.

Due to strategical and elaborate measures, specialists professionally solve the tasks of ensuring the economic security.


Остальные услуги

Technical protection

Console monitoring, fire alarm and video monitoring systems

Physical security of objects

Services on maintenance of the order and safety of material assets of various objects

Personal protection of natural persons

Guaranteeing the personal protection of VIPs

Lie detector

Testing using a polygraph

Projection and installation

Development and installation of security systems

Providing quality security services for more than 10 years


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