To cut through the path one follows

How it all began

Everything started with an idea of creating the company providing reliability and the feeling of absolute protection in any dangerous for life situation. For ten years, we have been intensively working to gain our clients’ trust and respect. Our highly professional team prevents the consequences of our customers’ problems, determining its source or reason much before the negative situation occurs.
We continue our way constantly developing our specialists’ skills. Our work is based only on efficient and qualitative principles.


Reliance and stability

Our company today

A wide variety of our facilities allows customizing any service with qualitative flexibility following instructions and tasks of our client. Our employees regularly upgrade their professional skills visiting various trainings and lections. Thus, our workers, from engineers and programmers to the Sanctum executives, are constantly developing and improving their knowledge. We appreciate and encourage the desire of our employees to learn and self-develop, as this is the key to our success, as well as the success of our clients.


Confidence of tomorrow’s day.

Plans for the future

We actively check global trends of technologies and integrated security services. On the horizon of the events of the formation of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the digital world is changing with an extreme speed. We are required to be acknowledged about this and moreover to use trend methods and techniques for conducting security business. We thoroughly test every new method to be assured of its reliability and profitability. We are people of the word, and if we promise something, we do it.

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Our services

Economic security

Ensuring of high and sustainable economic growth

Physical security of objects

Services on maintenance of the order and safety of material assets of various objects

Personal protection of natural persons

Guaranteeing the personal protection of VIPs

Lie detector

Testing using a polygraph

Projection and installation

Development and installation of security systems

Technical protection

Console monitoring, fire alarm and video monitoring systems

Providing quality security services for more than 10 years


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